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STRESS FREE MEET & GREET at Southampton Airport


Southampton Airport, SO18 2NL


  • Your vehicle is collected and returned to the Terminal Building.
  • Simply call Stress Free 20 minutes before your arrival.
  • Average Customer Rating:

Opening Periods

Stress Free Meet & Greet is open 365 days a year.

Security Measures

Stress Free Meet & Greet will store your vehicle in a secure car park nearby which has 24 hour manned security and security fencing with barbed wire.


Cancellations made with at least 24 hrs notice are refunded in full. Within 24 hrs bookings are charged in full.


02380 658223

Arrival Procedure



Call 02380 658223 and select option 2, 20 minutes before you arrive to make sure a driver is waiting for you.

Enter the Short Stay car park and follow signs for the Drop off/Pick up area. If you need to take a ticket then do so, but make sure to keep it and hand it to the driver. Park and a uniformed driver will find you. The driver will quickly inspect your car, to confirm any existing damage, then take your keys and park your car for you.

Please have your return flight details and booking confirmation to hand when you meet the driver.

Transfer Details

Transfers are not required as this is a meet and greet service. Your car is collected and returned to you at the airport.

Departure Procedure



Call 02380 658223, option 2 when you are ready to collect your car. To leave as soon as possible, call just after you leave the plane. A driver will be waiting with your car where you were met before your holiday and will have a ticket to let you exit the car park. The driver can only wait for you for ten minutes, due to airport restrictions, so don't call until you are ready to leave.


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"It is important that you give very clear instructions on where to drop the car. Most people arriving at an airport by car are unfamiliar with the surroundings, usually under time pressure and are met with confusing array of signage to many places which may or may not be the correct one for them. For example, the instruction at Southampton is to go to the short term car park, but it should be more correctly stated as â??the Drop off Zone in the Short term car parkâ??. Having a map on the website or downloadable would also enable the driver to familiarize himself before setting out. Hertz and Avis have managed over the years to get their signs [in distinctive colours] put up in car parking where their return drop off is in a public car park. Having dropped off cars in most European airports, one of the major reasons for my choosing Hertz was that their [Yellow] signage was always easily seen. Purple Parking has a distinctive colour and the addition of a few signs in that colour with the wording â??Purple Parking Drop Offâ?? would make it much easier to find. Lastly, getting all your drop offs in Google Earth and all sat navs would be a bonus. "
~ MR HOUSLIP on Tuesday 09 Dec 2014 at 17:45

"A very quick and efficient service. Thank you."
~ Mr Coate on Tuesday 09 Dec 2014 at 17:45

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