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Edinburgh Airport to NYC

Thu, 27 Sep, 2007

Passengers will soon be able to fly to New York City (NYC) from Edinburgh Airport when a new service starts running next year.

Commencing in summer 2008, intrepid travellers will be able to cross the pond to the one of the must-see destinations of the world, with help from Delta Air Lines.

Not only that, passengers will land in the famous JFK International Airport in the city, named after one of the country's most well-known presidents and the location where Kate Moss was spotted by a modelling agency.

Delta chief executive Richard Anderson commented that the development is part of the firm's commitment to its passengers.

"In 2008, we will further demonstrate our commitment to diversifying the choices we offer our customers by redeploying domestic assets to international markets where demand is outpacing growth," he said.

He added that the company is proud to be responsible for the international growth of the JFK International Airport.

Residents living near Edinburgh Airport may be interested to know that during the nights between September 23rd and October 13th, there will be a different flight path for incoming and outgoing aircraft and maintenance takes place on the main runway.

Joe Evans

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