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Economy demand 'still strong'

Mon, 26 Nov, 2007

The market for premium economy services is growing, but not at the expense of the standard economy sector, according to a leading airline.

Anna Knowles, spokeswoman for Virgin Atlantic, said reports of a decline in demand for economy seats on long-haul flights were incorrect.

In fact, the airline, which flies to a number of transatlantic and Caribbean destinations from London Heathrow Airport, London Gatwick Airport and Manchester Airport, has noticed the opposite, said Ms Knowles.

She explained there has been a growth in capacity in the long-haul market and that the resulting fall in ticket prices has tempted more holidaymakers to travel long distances.

However, Ms Knowles added that some passengers prefer luxury to low prices.

"There is definitely a growing segment of people who are willing to pay for more space and luxury when they are travelling on their leisure trips, she explained.

As a result, the premium economy market is growing alongside the economy sector, concluded Ms Knowles.

Joe Evans

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