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Johannesburg-London Gatwick Airport flights resumed

Mon, 10 Dec, 2007

Nationwide Airlines has apologised to its customers for the "inconvenience, frustration and anxiety" caused by recent disruptions to its Johannesburg to London Gatwick Airport service.

Commenting as the long-haul flights between the South African capital and the south-eastern hub are resumed, Nationwide Airlines' chief executive officer Vernon Bricknell said that following safety checks there can be "no question-mark" over the safety and reliability of the airline.

Last week, the SA Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) reinstated the airline's Boeing 767 aircraft with its Certificate of Airworthiness, following an assessment that has taken place over the past seven days.

"The safety of our customers, staff and equipment is - and always has been - Nationwide Airlines' top priority," said Mr Bricknell.

Previously, Nationwide Airlines said "major maintenance" of the Boeing 767 was being undertaken by KLM in Amsterdam at prescribed intervals.

Throughout the assessment period, the company has maintained that it considers safety as a top priority.

Joe Evans

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