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London-Reykjavik flights 'boosted' by Icelandair

Tue, 11 Dec, 2007

Flights between London and Reykjavik, Iceland, are likely to increase after Icelandair announced a hike in its north Atlantic operations in 2008.

Airport parking at London Gatwick Airport may be required as consumers have the opportunity to board two new flights to Iceland each day.

Flights will also continue between Iceland and both Manchester Airport and Glasgow Airport, the airliner announced.

The move forms part of Icelandair's broader flight restructuring that will see new flights to Toronto, Canada, in May whereas services to Baltimore in the US will be terminated in January.

Flights to Europe are based on a 24-hour network where flights leave Iceland in the morning before returning in the afternoon, noted Jon Karl Olafsson, chief executive officer of the airliner.

"We are constantly reviewing and fine-tuning our schedule in order to offer the best possible service for our clients in Iceland and our other destinations," he added.

Icelandair recently received the Transportation Award from the Icelandic government in recognition of its contribution to building up the country's aviation and travel industry.

Joe Evans

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