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BALPA: Heathrow needs a sixth terminal

Tue, 04 Mar, 2008

A sixth terminal at London Heathrow Airport is vital for the airport to handle passenger volumes, it has been claimed.

The British Airline Pilots' Association (BALPA) has submitted a report to the government, claiming that the expansion is necessary to "maintain a competitive airline industry".

BALPA advises the government that "ducking the issue" of the need for a sixth terminal will only lead to problems down the line.

In the report, the association highlights how the airport's two runways are already lagging behind its European counterparts as Paris has four runways and Amsterdam currently boasts five.

BALPA is calling for the proposed new London Heathrow Airport runway to be extended to 2,200 metres so that it can deal with various aircraft types and increase its flexibility.

"Once the third runway is complete and the associated infrastructure put in place it will be too late to consider extending the runway retrospectively so this must be addressed at the outset," the report states.

The Daily Mail reports that BAA has threatened to delay construction of the runway unless it is allowed to go ahead with charges for airlines.

Joe Evans

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