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Edinburgh Airport to launch green parking

Mon, 17 Mar, 2008

Travel services firm FHR is to introduce a new eco-friendly car parking option at Edinburgh Airport.

According to the firm, Secure AirParks is to operate the service, which ensures all emissions from transfer buses and airport parking will be counterbalanced with green investments set up by the World Land Trust.

Projects previously set up by the trust include planting trees in Ecuador, Paraguary and Brazil and preventing cutting down forests in various countries.

In doing so, the firm is attempting to increase forest areas to absorb as much CO2 as possible, therefore reducing its impact on global warming.

"It's great that airport car parks are recognising the need to take responsibility for their actions and tackle climate change," commented Graham Greenaway, e-marketing manager for FHR.

The firm also operates carbon-balanced airport parking services at London Gatwick Airport, Manchester Airport and Birmingham Airport.

Over at Glasgow Airport, police are to begin using electric scooters in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint.

Joe Evans

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