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BA passengers advised to check flight details

Wed, 19 Mar, 2008

British Airways passengers scheduled to travel from London Heathrow Airport in late March and early April have been advised to check the details of their flights carefully.

On March 27th the airline will start to move its operations to the new Terminal 5, beginning with its domestic routes, the bulk of its European services and long-haul flights to Johannesburg, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Miami.

By the end of April British Airways anticipates that virtually all its flights from London Heathrow Airport will operate from Terminal 5.

However, while the transition takes place, it is keen to ensure its customers do not miss flights and has set up a website to allow them to check which terminal they are due to travel from.

The website will also provide full details of how to get to the new terminal and allow passengers to check-in up to 24 hours in advance of their flight.

Terminal 5 was officially opened by the Queen last week, but the first flights from it will not take off until March 27th.

Joe Evans

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