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No need to travel far for flights, says LBA

Fri, 16 May, 2008

Holidaymakers in the north of the UK do not need to travel long distances to catch flights but can take advantage of the services offered by regional airports, a spokesperson for Leeds-Bradford Airport (LBA) has said.

Tony Hallwood, aviation development director at LBA, said that by introducing new flights, routes and services, regional airports should be able to satisfy passenger demand for internal and international flights.

He also said that a growing number of people are considering the environmental impact of travelling long distances to London to catch flights.

"Growth from the London airports has really stagnated and that's as a result of congestion, delays and a lack of appropriate infrastructure and people's time is money," he stated.

"For obvious reasons, people are now wanting to save time travelling and get to their destination quicker."

Mr Hallwood also said that regional airports have successfully marketed their services. LBA, for example, promotes the fact that its car parking spaces are covered by the Park Mark award.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority, nine regional airports, including LBA, Newcastle and Liverpool, handle more than five million passengers every year.

Joe Evans

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