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KD avia launches new Gatwick-Russia flight

Thu, 05 Jun, 2008

Russian airline KD avia is celebrating the first anniversary of its inaugural flight into the UK by announcing a new route.

KD avia's first flight to the UK touched down at London Gatwick Airport on June 16th 2007 and the airline now operates a daily scheduled service to its hub at Kaliningrad, which connects 15 cities in Europe including Moscow and St Petersburg.

The new route is to the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, which can also be accessed via the famous Trans-Siberian Railway.

Loreta Durell, KD avia's UK sales manager, said: "Yekaterinburg is a major extra destination - particularly for tourists with its numerous museums, art galleries and famous theatres.

"However it is perhaps most famous as the place where the family of Nicholas II were executed in 1918. It is also Russia's fifth-largest city and has many business links to the UK."

Earlier this year, KD avia announced an increase in the frequency of its daily flights between London Gatwick Airport and Kaliningrad.

Joe Evans

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