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Report endorses third Heathrow runway

Mon, 28 Jul, 2008

A new report has concluded that building a third runway at London Heathrow Airport is the best way to solve the problem of congestion.

The study, commissioned by the City of London Authority, rejected building extra capacity elsewhere in London.

It also discarded the notion of establishing a new airport in the Thames Gateway.

The report said that unless something is done about traffic around the airport and flight delays, Heathrow will remain unpopular with business leaders.

Dr Helen Hill, from the London Chamber of Commerce, welcomed the report, saying that it "proves beyond doubt" that a third runway is essential.

"London competes day-in day-out to attract business from around the world but we are starting to lose ground to other major cities because Heathrow is stretched to breaking point," she stated.

Environmental campaigners are not impressed and are apparently planning more protests.

Joe Evans

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