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Mayor calls for new London airport

Wed, 13 Aug, 2008

Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, has called for a report into whether building a new international airport would help ease air traffic congestion at Heathrow and Gatwick.

The mayor said the need for a long-term solution to airport congestion in London is becoming increasingly urgent.

A new eco-friendly airport could be located in the east of London, he wrote in his Daily Telegraph column.

He expressed doubt that Heathrow's "bitterly contested" third runway will ever be built. Gatwick, meanwhile, is already "full to bursting".

With the 2012 London Olympics only fours years away, the capital has a responsibility to "sort this chaos out now", he said.

"The volume of passengers coming to London airports is a testimony to the attractions of the city and the dynamism of the British economy," Mr Johnson added.

Last month, the mayor postponed the decision as to whether London City Airport should be allowed to increase flights by 50 per cent.

Mr Johnson wants to wait until a study by the National Air Traffic Services is published.

Joe Evans

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