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Business as usual for Ryanair

Fri, 22 Aug, 2008

Low fares airline Ryanair will be operating flights from London Stansted Airport and London Gatwick Airport as normal following the cancellation of proposed strike action.

UK Trade Union leaders have called off their threatened strike action, scheduled for Monday August 25th and Friday August 29th, a move welcomed by Ryanair.

Ryanair had last week reassured its customers that their travel plans would be unaffected by the baggage handling and check in strikes thanks to web check-in and carry on luggage services.

"We were never going to allow our passengers to have their travel plans impacted by strikes. We confirm that all Ryanair services to and from [London Stansted Airport] and [London Gatwick Airport] will operate as normal next week," Stephen McNamara of Ryanair said.

BAA noted that Airfield Services however still intends to carry out industrial action on Monday August 25th at London Stansted Airport.

Airfield Services provide the airport with some of its baggage services and contingency plans put in place will reportedly keep disruption to a minimum.

Joe Evans

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