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New parking security at Manchester Airport

Fri, 29 Aug, 2008

Manchester Airport has had new cameras installed in its car parks in a bid to increase security for people leaving their cars at the hub.

Five of the devices, which will read over half a million number plates each day, will be installed around the airport.

Manchester Airport commander Superintendent Peter Turner said the cameras will make the environment safer for all those passing through.

"These new fixed camera sites will provide police officers with an additional source of information during the vital early stages of major investigations and will also assist in our continued fight against terrorism," he remarked.

Police will also be able to check for uninsured and stolen vehicles, Superintendent Turner added.

Manchester Airport is one of the UK's biggest regional hubs, dealing with over 22.7 million passengers per year flying to 225 destinations.

Officials predict that this will rise to 50 million over the next 20 years, with the airport growing to compete with London Heathrow and Stansted Airport.

Joe Evans

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