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Check-in time reduced to 40 minutes for Heathrow Airport T3

Thu, 25 Sep, 2008

Upper Class passengers travelling on Virgin Atlantic flights from terminal 3 at London Heathrow Airport can now benefit from reduced check-in times.

The carrier has announced that the minimum check-in for such travellers is now 40 minutes, meaning that people going on trips for business or pleasure will be able to speed through security and go straight to the airport lounge.

Steve Ridgway, Virgin Atlantic chief executive, said it is the fastest available journey through an airport in the UK.

"This fastly superior experience has been made possible by the introduction of our award winning Upper Class Wing, which was launched in November last year," he added.

The Upper Class Wing allows people to be taken in their limos up a curved ramp onto an arrival area.

After being welcomed by a Virgin Atlantic host, check-in formalities are completed and the passenger goes straight to security.

Earlier this month, Virgin Atlantic has announced that it is to carry out surveys on its passengers in order to improve the customer service it provides.

Research company eDigitalResearch is to assist the airline with the implementation of the polls, which will cover a number of areas, including call centre services and website use.

Joe Evans

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