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Airport revamp 'will increase passenger numbers and jobs'

Wed, 05 Nov, 2008

As many as 3,000 new jobs could be created by a proposed multi-million pound investment in Leeds-Bradford Airport, it has been reported.

According to the Yorkshire Post, the five-year £70 million refurbishment plan could increase annual passenger numbers to around the five million mark from 2.9 million.

It is thought that £28 million of the money will go on building a new two-storey terminal, while money will also go trying to improve travel links to the airport.

Commenting on the jobs, John Parkin - chief executive at Leeds-Bradford Airport - remarked: "There are about 2,200 people working on site at the airport now and, roughly speaking, you need 1,000 jobs for every million passengers per annum."

Bradford's Telegraph & Argus reported a slightly less ambitious employment figure of 2,000.

In September, the publication stated that Leeds-Bradford Airport was doing well in the face of the economic downturn, boasting record numbers of passengers.

Joe Evans

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