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London City Airport workers to get ID cards

Fri, 07 Nov, 2008

All staff at London City Airport, followed by Manchester Airport, are to be enrolled on a pilot scheme for ID cards, it has been revealed.

According to ZDNet, the Home Office unveiled the scheme yesterday (November 6th) as part of a plan to increase security at vulnerable points such as airports.

Richard Gooding, the chief executive of London City Airport, said: "Our intention is that, working with the Home Office, all staff will be enrolled over an 18-month period. We shall make it compulsory."

Manchester Airport will participate after the implementation has been discussed with workers' unions.

However, critics of the pilot have said that it does not allow airport staff the same choice as other citizens.

Members of the public will be able to apply for ID cards voluntarily early in 2009.

Increased security has been implemented at the majority of airports since the failed terror plots in 2006, but this will be the first time that formal ID cards have been introduced.

Joe Evans

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