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Heathrow Airport expansion 'must go ahead'

Mon, 24 Nov, 2008

The proposed expansion of London Heathrow Airport is essential if Britain is to retain its competitive edge in the aviation industry.

This is according to British Airways chief executive Willie Walsh, who said that the industry could be held back by 30 years if the plans are turned down and that the discussions have gone on too long.

"It is clearer than ever that UK businesses must be provided with the kind of high-quality worldwide connectivity that is essential for success in a globalised economy," he commented at a conference in London.

Transport secretary Ruth Kelly unveiled a list of possible plans last week, which include proposals for a 2,200-metre third runway and a sixth terminal to be built by 2020 if they are agreed.

The Terminal 5 building at London Heathrow Airport is currently the largest free-standing building in the UK.

It took 19 years to complete from initial design to opening and cost £4 billion.

Joe Evans

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