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Humberside Airport expecting Christmas passenger increase

Mon, 22 Dec, 2008

The number of people travelling to and from Humberside Airport is expected to increase this Christmas compared to last year.

In 2007, the regional hub handled approximately 7,750 passengers, but this year the figure is expected to rise by more than ten per cent to around 8,600.

The airport said that the majority of these travellers will be flying to Amsterdam and onwards to destinations such as the Canary Islands.

Airport director Tony Lavan said: "Christmas and new year has always been a popular time to escape the cold winter weather and see friends and family."

Passengers are being urged to check baggage restrictions and ensure they have the right documents before they travel.

Doing so will ensure their passage through security is hassle-free.

They are also being advised not to wrap any Christmas gifts they may be carrying, as staff may need to inspect them as part of the security screening process.

Figures from the Association of British Travel Agents show that over three million people intend to travel abroad this Christmas.

Joe Evans

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