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Heathrow expansion alternative given by mayor

Mon, 26 Jan, 2009

The mayor of London has explained an alternative to the planned expansion of Heathrow Airport.

Boris Johnson called on politicians to consider the £40 billion proposal for a new airport on the Thames Estuary.

This would include four runways and, it is claimed, be constructed within eight years.

Heathrow's expansion is estimated to cost £13 billion.

Mr Johnson confirmed to the Sunday Times that he plans to make a legal challenge to the Heathrow expansion plans.

"I'm convinced this is an option we should look at seriously and the government's decision on Heathrow makes it all the more urgent that we came up with alternatives," he told the paper.

Last week, Mr Johnson spoke to the BBC of his wish for MPs to vote on the plans for Heathrow's third runway.

"They haven't got the guts to call a parliamentary vote on this one," he told BBC reporter Andrew Marr.

Joe Evans

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