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New food outlet for Glasgow Airport

Wed, 04 Mar, 2009

Glasgow Airport will be the site of the city's first outlet for the EAT food franchise.

Co-owner of EAT Faith MacArthur said she was "excited" to see how Glaswegians would respond to the shop, which will open at the end of the month.

It will offer a range of products, including sushi, soup, porridge and Scottish breakfast muffins.

The outlet will be set up in the main terminal and have capacity for approximately 70 people.

Meanwhile, airports have been accused of cashing in on security procedures by charging for clear plastic bags for passengers to carry liquids, reports the Telegraph.

Manchester, Luton, Bristol and Newcastle Airports all charge £1 for the bags.

At Manchester, it is thought that the bags, dispensed by vending machines, can bring in £3,500 every week.

Several passengers criticised the move, which they said was making money from security issues.

Manchester traveller Wendy Barrowcliffe told the paper it was "scandalous" to have to pay.

Joe Evans

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