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Politician doubts north-east's capacity for two major airports

Tue, 10 Mar, 2009

The capacity for the north-east region to support two major airports has been questioned by a politician.

Lord Michael Bates, deputy chair of the Conservatives, expressed his doubts to Northern Decisionmakers, the online television programme of the Northern Echo.

Acknowledging rivalry between certain areas, he pointed to the existence of Manchester and Leeds Bradford Airports and said: "I just wonder whether we are large enough as a region to sustain two world-class airports."

Lord Bates also pointed out that the north-east is the smallest region in the country and drew attention to how close by other airports in Newcastle and Durham Tees Valley are.

Meanwhile, reports the launch of a property programme by Manchester Airport.

The initiative, named Manchester City, centres on a business park and the airport's MAG Developments is buying a 30 acre site to combine with the Manchester Business Park, which is owned by the council.

Joe Evans

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