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London Heathrow Airport launches "power poles"

Thu, 16 Apr, 2009

London Heathrow Airport passengers will now be able to recharge their mobile devices at the hub, after BAA launched a number of "power poles".

A total of forty seven of the electricity stations are located throughout departure lounges in the facility, giving travellers the ability to top up the batteries of their laptops, electric razors and BlackBerries.

Each pole can restore power to up to eight gadgets at a time.

Juan Perez, the firm's head of media and sponsorship, commented that they are a "cost-free solution" to a real problem.

"The simplest of ideas are often the best," he said. "[They] will ultimately make our passengers' airport experience more enjoyable."

A total of £300,000 was spent on their design and installation, which was sponsored by electronics giant Samsung.

They are only available in Terminals One and Three at the moment, with an expansion to Terminals Two, Four and Five planned in the future.

London Heathrow Airport is located in the borough of Hillingdon, just off the M4 motorway.

Joe Evans

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