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Manchester Airport fireman to row naked across the Atlantic

Tue, 04 Aug, 2009

Two firefighters from Manchester Airport are attempting to row across the Atlantic Ocean naked.

Dean Jagger, from Merseyside and Neil Gyllenship, from West Yorkshire will set about rowing the 3,000 miles to raise money for Claire House and Childflight charities.

They will row as competitors in the Atlantic Rowing Race 2009 and will not be wearing clothes as they undertake the grueling challenge.

Mr Jagger told the Manchester Evening News: "We'll be rowing naked for the entire time we're out there to try to prevent chaffing, so we've been scrubbing our backsides and hands to try to toughen up our skin.

Manchester Airport has recently re-opened its Terminal One after a £50 million revamp and also announced the commencement of work on Terminal Two.

The airport is described as the only "global gateway" to the north of England and handles more than 29 million passengers a year offering flights to over 200 destinations.

Joe Evans

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