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Heathrow Airport expansion opponents will get their day in court

Fri, 07 Aug, 2009

A High Court ruling has gone in favour of protestors to the planned third runway at Heathrow Airport as it is decided that they have a right to a legal challenge to the plans.

Transport secretary Geoff Hoon gave his backing to the controversial expansion in January but the issue will now be decided in court due to the level of public interest.

A coalition of local councils and a number of charities including Greenpeace and WWF-UK will be involved in the hearing and claim that installing a third runway and sixth terminal at the international travel-hub flies in the face of emissions promises made by the government.

Lord Justice Dobbs said: "There are some areas in which clarification is desirable, including the issue of the defendant's statement to parliament."

The Department of Transport has stood by the announcement of support from Geoff Hoon and BAA is keen to stress the positive impact the runway would have on Britain's economy.

Joe Evans

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