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Heathrow Airport appoints resident writer

Wed, 19 Aug, 2009

Heathrow Airport has employed a resident writer to park himself in Terminal five in the aid of research.

Philosopher Alain de Botton will take residence in the terminal for a week and be given 'access all areas' to talk to customers and staff about their experience of the airport.

His collected writing from the week will be published in a book.

Mr Botton, writing for the London Evening Standard, revealed his thoughts on the position.

He wrote: "I was lucky to be picked for the job but I had a few long nights of the soul before accepting.

"The airport is full of emotion, both in departures and arrivals. For example, there is no one, however lonely or isolated, however pessimistic about the human race, however preoccupied with the payroll, who does not in the end expect that someone significant will come to meet him at arrivals."

Heathrow Airport also recently announced plans for a £1 billion overhaul of its Terminal two, which include an effort to produce 40 per cent less CO2 emissions.

Joe Evans

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