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BA seat reservation charges 'can be avoided'

Wed, 30 Sep, 2009

New seat reservation charges from British Airways, which operates many flights from London Heathrow Airport, can be avoided by reserving your seat for free at check in, according to the Air Transport Users Council (AUC).

The airline has recently announced that passengers who want to reserve a seat would have to pay up to £60 for the privilege.

But the service is optional and customers can still choose seats for free at check in.

Jason Fremantle, AUC industry affairs manager, said: "Passengers haven't got much of a problem as it is an additional service."

But he added that families who wish to sit together on a flight may be better to pay the fee that will reserve their seats.

He said the AUC had no problem with the optional charges, which he believes have been brought in by British Airways after it observed the success of Ryanair in making money from extra fees.

Joe Evans

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