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Manchester Airport introduces body scanners

Mon, 01 Feb, 2010

The first body scanners at British airports are being introduced from noon today (February 1st), with Manchester Airport one of the first to use the new technology.

Passengers travelling through the northern hub may now have to be scanned as they travel through Terminal 2 as part of increased safety measures.

While some travellers will be picked at random for scanning, it will mainly be passengers who set off the metal detectors or if explosive or vapour detection systems raise the alarm.

A scanner has been trialled at the terminal since October 2009 and additional devices are being planned for installation at Terminals 1 and 3 before the end of the month.

This new equipment has been installed on the direction of the government, with Heathrow Airport also set to receive a full body scanner by midday today.

Plans to install the scanners in the London airport were announced back in January in a bid to prevent terror attacks, following a foiled attempt by a bomber on a flight to the US on Christmas Day.

Joe Evans

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