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Manchester Airport passengers 'accepting body scanners'

Wed, 07 Apr, 2010

Passengers travelling through Manchester Airport are said to be having no problem with the new body scanner devices, which are set to be rolled out across the hub's three terminals in the next two weeks.

Local paper the Manchester Evening News quoted a spokesman as saying the "vast majority" of people are willing to be scanned once they know what the machines are for and staff members are in place to address any concerns they may have.

"More than 15,000 people have passed through so far and passengers are accepting it as part of the security process," he remarked.

One of the scanners has been in use at Terminal 2 since October and it has been a part of standard security procedure since February 1st. Its initial trial was deemed to be so successful that it is expected the machines will be installed at other major airports across the country.

Joe Evans

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