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TripAdvisor celebrates 65 years of commercial flights from Heathrow Airport

Thu, 30 Dec, 2010

Travel advice website TripAdvisor has celebrated 65 years of commercial flights from London's Heathrow Airport by releasing a guide to notable historic events at the facility.

It named the hub one of the most important in the world and recounted the first civilian trip from the hub, which took place on January 1st 1946 and was to Buenos Aires via Lisbon.

Emma O'Boyle, spokeswoman for the website, noted that many pivotal events at Heathrow have changed the face of modern travel.

"With Heathrow today celebrating the 65th anniversary of its first civilian flight, it is a
perfect time to reflect on the important developments in aviation," she said.

TripAdvisor noted that the first feature film shown on a commercial flight was a key landmark for Heathrow and recounted the viewing of By Love Possessed in 1961.

Similarly, it pointed to the first Concorde flight in 1969, which set a new bar for fast civilian travel.

This comes after Heathrow Airport revealed plans to investigate its performance during the recent spate of cold weather.

Joe Evans

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