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Airport Guide for Businesspeople 

For people who travel on business, the criteria for success are pretty different from those looking to spend a few weeks in the sun with their family. You want things to be easy and efficient; you want to still be connected to the world, and your company, even from a hotel room or airport 5,000km away.

Which is why facilities are important. The importance of this starts from the moment you arrive at the airport. After all, with check in and security measures you can be at the airport for at least a couple of hours before your flight, which is a long time to be cut off from the world in a WiFi dead-zone with a laptop that only has 7% battery. 

Airports know this, and they know just how many people fly for business nowadays, which is why facilities are improving greatly year on year. From charging points to business lounges, meeting rooms, free WiFi and even printing facilities, airports are upping the ante when it comes to making sure that business travellers are well looked after from the moment they set foot inside the departures hall.

Here at Purple Parking we’re all about making your life easier, which is why we’ve created an Airport Guide for Businesspeople, filled with all of the information you need to make business travelling as simple, easy and even enjoyable as possible. Here we’ve covered off the facilities available at all major UK airports, and all of the airports where Purple Parking operate, so that you’re sure to be able to find the information you need when it comes to information about business travel. Whether you want to pre-book a lounge to give you a quiet place to work or head straight for where you know the charging points are, this guide is sure to make your next business trip go a whole lot smoother. 

Our Airport Guide for Businesspeople is also free to download if you want to keep your own copy on your tablet or smartphone ready for when you head to the airport. Just click here to download a copy now.


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