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Heathrow Terminal 5 Hotels

Looking for the closest hotel to Heathrow Terminal 5? Our Heathrow Hotels start from as little as £89.00 with 1 week's parking.

Have a look at our selection of Heathrow Terminal 5 Hotels below. Don't forget that you can get to Terminal 5 from all Heathrow Hotels thanks to the Heathrow Hoppa bus which serves all hotels at the airport.

🚶 Closest: Sofitel
💸 Cheapest: Thistle Hotel T5
🥂 Luxury: Sheraton Skyline
🌟 Recommended: Hilton T5

Closest Hotels to Heathrow Terminal 5

Hotel Price (inc. 1 week's parking)* Distance from T5 Transfer
Sofitel Heathrow £169.00 0.5 miles Walk (5 minutes)
Thistle Hotel Heathrow £59.00 1 mile POD Shuttle (5 minute ride)
Sheraton Skyline £114.00 1.5 miles Heathrow Hoppa (12 minute ride)
Holiday Inn T5 £69.00 2.5 miles Heathrow Hoppa (15 minute ride)
Hilton T5 £99.00 2.7 miles Heathrow Hoppa (10 minute ride)

*Prices are correct at the time of writing but please make a search for the latest rates.

Heathrow T5 Hotels

Wake up feeling refreshed, relaxed and only minutes away from Terminal 5. Below we have handpicked our best Heathrow Terminal 5 hotels.

Sofitel Heathrow Terminal 5

Sofitel T5

The closest hotel to Heathrow's Terminal 5, the luxurious 4 star Sofitel is both utterly beautiful and convenient. Expect to be treated like a VIP, with the Sofitel's great customer service and outstanding facilities. As it is such an opulent hotel, it can be expensive compared to some of other hotels but we believe it's totally worth it!

How to get to Terminal 5:

  • Walk - The hotel is a 5 minute walk to check-in via a covered walkway.

Thistle Hotel Heathrow

Thistle Heathrow T5

If you're after a transfer to T5 that's a little different, you're going to love staying at the 3 star Thistle Heathrow which is only 5 minutes away from Terminal 5 via the exclusive POD shuttle (so cool!) and conveniently comes with 600 parking spaces. As well as all of that, guests can expect a comfortable night's stay.

How to get to Terminal 5:

  • POD Shuttle - The shuttle takes just 5 minutes to get to T5.
  • Heathrow Hoppa - The Hoppa is 10 minutes from T5.

Sheraton Skyline

Sheraton Heathrow

Situated minutes from T5, the 4 star Sheraton Heathrow has soundproofed rooms with fast WiFi and a 49 inch smart TV. Guests also get free access to the gym, pool and spa.

How to get to Terminal 5:

  • Heathrow Hoppa - runs regularly from the hotel to all terminals from 5.00am - 11.30pm. It takes 12 minutes to get to T5, and costs £4.50 per person.We recommend that you allow an extra 30 minutes for your journey as the Hoppa bus stops at other hotels along the way

Heathrow Terminal 5 Hotels

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