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Edinburgh Airport Lounges

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Edinburgh Airport Lounges

You can save when booking your Edinburgh Airport Lounge Pass early

If you're looking to escape the hubbub of the busy Edinburgh Airport, or you'd just like to sample the high life, then booking a Airport Lounge Pass could be just the thing for you. Already booked a stay at one of our Edinburgh Airport Hotels? Then the Airport Lounge Pass is a great way of continuing that comfort and convenience!

As well as the peace and quiet afforded by our Birmingham Airport Lounges you can also enjoy free WiFi, free snacks and free drinks, everything you need for your holiday off on the right foot. Whether you are travelling solo, as a couple, a group of friends or with your family; Airport Lounges are a comfortable space for you all to unwind.

Edinburgh Airport Lounges
From £26.99 per person

Lounges at Edinburgh Airport

Live prices shown are based two weeks ahead.

Aspire Lounge

This Edinburgh Airport Lounge is a popular choice amongst customers. Aspire operate lounges across a range of Airport Lounges, making them a well-known brand. Unwind in the comfort of the lounge with free WiFi, drinks and snacks.

No1 Lounge

Enjoy panoramic views of the runway and the surrounding countryside while you sit back with free snacks and meals and drinks from the well-stocked bar. The WiFi is also free so you can make sure everyone knows you're on holiday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Edinburgh Airport have a VIP lounge?
If you're looking for a VIP Lounge at Edinburgh Airport you have the choice of either the Aspire Lounge, or the No1 Lounge. Both lounges offer you the chance to escape the crowds and relax with free WiFi, snacks and drinks before your flight.

Can you book Aspire Lounge on the day?
You can't pre-book lounges on the day of your travel. You can turn up and pay the day rate if there are spaces, however you'll get a better rate if you book in advance and you won't need to worry about the lounge being full.

Is Aspire lounge worth it?
We think so, yes! Airport Lounges give you a chance to relax before you fly - you can avoid the crowds, fill up on the free drinks and snacks, and use the WiFi to keep up with your social media.

What time does Edinburgh Airport lounge open?
The Aspire Lounge is open from 04:30 - 18:00 and the No1 Lounge is open from 04:30 until 21:00.

What's included in Aspire Lounge?
The Aspire Lounge includes free WiFi, drinks and snacks while you wait to fly. There are also TVs as well as newspapers and magazines to help keep you entertained while you're there.