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Stansted Airport Parking

The best Stansted Airport parking prices from the real experts

Stansted Airport parking couldn't be easier with Purple Parking; we offer a range of services that will take care of your every need when travelling through this east-London airport (okay we know technically it's in Essex). Our Stansted car parks are conveniently located just a short bus ride from the airport and our Meet and Greet and on-site parking facilities ensure your journey through the airport is effortless and simple. All this at competitive low prices, booking with Purple Parking means you save up to 70%. See below to find out more about our services and costs.

If you are looking to make your trip even easier it might be worth considering a stay at a hotel with parking on the night before your flight to help make your holiday as relaxed as possible. With a Stansted Airport hotel with parking you can get a good night's sleep and maybe even a lie in before your flight. Take a look at our range of Stansted Airport hotels with parking to see what deals we have including room and parking at Stansted Airport.

London Stansted Airport parking
Daily London Stansted parking from
£5.50 a day
Weekly London Stansted parking from
£43.99 a week

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Live prices shown are based two weeks ahead.

Free transfer shuttle on request; takes 15 minutes to reach the terminal and runs 24 hours a day.

Take the 7 minute free bus to the terminal. Buses arrive every 10 minutes and are available 24 hours per day.


Take the 15 minute, free, transfer bus to the terminal. Buses arrive every 20 minutes and are available 24 hours per day.

Depending on which zone you have parked in the walk to the airport will take 1-10 minutes.
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London Stansted Parking options:

If you are looking for the cheapest Stansted Parking and don't mind being a little further from Stansted Airport then Jetparks or the official Long Stay car park are great options. Both of these secured, Stansted car parks provide free transfer buses which will have you at Stansted Airport within 15 minutes (dependant on traffic conditions). The transfer buses also run 24 hours a day so it doesn't matter when your flight is, it will still be easy to get to the airport from either of these car parks.

Would you rather your Stansted Airport parking was a bit closer to the terminal? The Mid Stay Stansted car park operates a free transfer bus with just a 7 minute travel time to the airport; grab a seat on the bus and enjoy the short ride to the airport! Alternatively you could book your car into the Short Stay car park; depending on which zone you park in at this Stansted car park the terminal is just a 1-10 minute walk away making it some of the easiest London Stansted parking.

However, if you really want to keep things simple and treat yourself to some luxury, you can get your holiday from Stansted Airport off to a fabulous and convenient start with the affordable Meet and Greet Parking Stansted. This Stansted car parking option allows you to drive to the airport where a professional driver will park your car for you; no need for you to hunt down a parking space.

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