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Packing and baggage

Packing and baggage

When it comes to going on holiday one of the most common causes of stress is packing. Packing too much, packing too little, buying the wrong size suitcase or going over your hand luggage allowance; these are all common worries, and Purple Parking is here to help. After all, getting stressed out before you take off is not a great way to start your next big adventure now is it?

From hand luggage restrictions to tips about allowances when travelling with children, we’ve gathered tons of useful information to help make sure your trip goes smoothly, whether you’re travelling with an international carrier or a low-cost airline like Ryanair or Easyjet. We’ve even covered travelling with a bicycle or golf luggage, to help make sure that you have no stressful surprises when you arrive at departures.

Let us help you take care of everything before you take off, from airport parking to packing tips. We’re here to help.

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