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Liverpool Airport Parking

Get the best Liverpool John Lennon Airport Parking prices from the experts at Purple Parking

We offer a range of parking at Liverpool Airport whether you are looking for the luxury of Meet and Greet parking where someone will park your car for you, or the simplicity of park and ride. Purple Parking are here to make your arrival at Liverpool Airport as simple as possible and help you find a parking space and get to the terminal with the minimum of fuss so you can get on with your holiday as soon as possible. Book your airport parking early with Purple Parking and you could save up to 70%!

Liverpool Airport Parking
Daily Liverpool Airport Parking from
£5.25 a day
Weekly Liverpool Airport Parking from
£42 a week

Parking at Liverpool Airport from £42 for 1 Week

Liverpool Airport Parking
LPL Car Park Per day* Per week* Distance
Imagine Parking Outdoor £5.25 £42 1 minute transfer
Imagine Indoor Meet and Greet £5.25 £42 At the terminal
APL Park and Ride £5.88 £47 1 minute transfer
Skypark £6 £48 1 minute transfer
Cheap Parking £6.12 £48.99 7 minute walk
Long Stay £6.75 £53.99 5 minute walk
Multi Storey £9 £71.99 1 minute walk
Fast Track £14.75 £117.99 1 minute walk

* Prices are correct at the time of writing and subject to change throughout the year. Week's parking price based on eight days parking.

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Liverpool Airport Parking Services

Purple Parking work with a variety of car parks providers at Liverpool to offer a wide range of parking solutions, to help you decide which is the best parking service for you here is a breakdown of the different types of parking available at Liverpool Airport.

Meet and Greet at Liverpool Airport

Meet and Greet parking is a great way to avoid the stress of finding a space as a professional driver will do it for you. All you need to do is drive to the airport where you'll be met outside the terminal by a driver; hand over your keys and they'll park your car for you while you head directly into the airport and get on with your holiday.

Park and Ride services at Liverpool Airport

If you'd rather park the car yourself and keep hold of your keys so you know it's exactly where you left it; one of our Park and Ride options will be perfect. Drive to the car park, choose your parking space from the available ones and then jump on a transfer bus which will whisk you to the airport.

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