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Bristol Airport Lounges

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Airports are busy places full of the hustle and bustle of people travelling to and fro, which can lead to a stressful atmosphere. Airport Lounge Passes can be just the ticket in avoiding that; the pass allows you access to an airport lounge for up to 3 hours. The Bristol Airport Lounges provide a relaxed atmosphere where you can escape the crowds and unwind before you fly.

You'll find free drinks and snacks to stop you getting peckish while you wait as well as free WiFi and newspapers and magazines to keep you entertained; all while you relax in the comfortable and calm surroundings of a Bristol Airport Lounge.

🛋 Bristol Airport Lounges 2
⏰ Time In Lounge 3 hours before flight
🥐 Free Snacks Included
☕ Free drinks Included
Bristol Airport Lounges
From £26.99 per person

Lounges at Bristol Airport

Live prices shown are based two weeks ahead and are subject to change.

Reasons to book a Bristol Airport Lounge

  • Free, unlimited drinks and snacks
  • Free magazines and newspapers
  • Free WIiFi
  • Comfy chairs to unwind in
  • TVs or, in some cases, games consoles to entertain you and your family
  • A quiet place to escape the busy terminal

We do suggest you book up early as there are limited spaces at the lounges and these can fill up quickly.

Bristol Airport Lounges

Here is a quick overview of what you can expect from a Bristol Airport VIP Lounge:

Aspire Lounge

The Aspire Lounge at Bristol Airport is a fantastic and relaxing space for travellers of all types, whether you're going it alone, travelling for business or taking the whole family to get away from it all. With comfy seats, free WiFi and plenty of free drinks and snacks this lounge is an oasis of calm in the busy terminal.

Aspire Plus Lounge

Enjoy life in the lap of luxury in this VIP, executive lounge which is adults only; perfect for solo travellers, couples or those on a business trip to make sure you get your journey started right. Enjoy the peace and quiet of this lounge with free WiFi, delicious cooked food, tasty treats and a well-stocked bar.

Compare Bristol Airport Lounges

Lounge Opening times Free WiFi Free food Free drinks Children allowed
Aspire Lounge 04:00 - 21:00
Aspire Lounge Plus 04:30 - 19:30

Bristol Airport Lounge FAQs

Does Bristol have an airport lounge?
Bristol does have an airport lounge, in fact it has 2, the Aspire Lounge and the Aspire Plus Lounge. You can use either of these lounges to escape the hustle and bustle of Bristol Airport departures and wait for your flight in a much more relaxed environment. The Aspire Plus Lounge does have an adults only policy so if you are travelling with children you won't be able to book into this Bristol Airport lounge.

Why are the lounges at Bristol airport closed?
The Aspire Lounge at Bristol Airport is scheduled to be temporarily closed from 1st April 2023 for refurbishment.

What is the difference between aspire and aspire plus?
Aspire Plus is an adults only lounge offering all the same benefits that the Aspire Lounge has, free drinks, snacks, WiFi, newspapers, magazines and comfortable seating. There some exclusive extras in terms of food, drink and lounge experience.

Can economy Class passengers access a lounge?
Absolutely, airport lounges can be booked by any passenger, there's no need for you to have used a particular card for payment or be flying with a certain airline or in a certain class of seats. Book your Bristol Airport lounge and you can spend up to 3 hours before your flight relaxing in a comfy seat away from the busy departures area.

Are drinks free in Aspire Lounge?
Drinks, snacks and WiFi are all free in the Aspire Lounge, making it the perfect place at Bristol Airport to wait for your flight to board. You can enjoy teas, coffees, soft drinks and juices as well as beers, wines and spirits.

How long can you stay in Aspire Lounge?
You can unwind in the Aspire Lounge for up to 3 hours before your flight.

Are airport lounges worth it?
By booking access to an airport lounge you'll be getting unlimited free snacks and drinks as well as a comfortable place to enjoy them away from the busy departure area at Bristol Airport. You can spend up to 3 hours in the lounge topping up your tea and munching some delicious treats, we think this absolutely makes airport lounges worth it.

Bristol Airport Lounges

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