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Airport Lounges

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Airport Lounges

Relax in style with an Airport Lounge and save up to 60%

Get UK airport lounge passes from only £15 per adult and £8.76 per child

Here at Purple Parking we want to make sure you're holiday is relaxed from start to finish; with an airport lounge you don't need to be at your airport hotel to put your feet up! Escape the hustle and bustle of busy airports and save up to 60% on an airport lounge pass when booking in advance, the perfect way to start your trip.

Getting yourself airport lounge access is a great way to enjoy some luxury treatment and feel like a real VIP without breaking the bank. We have airport lounges available all across the UK and even internationally as well, so whatever leg of your trip requires some peace and quiet, we've got you covered.

🛋 Airport Lounge Locations 20
⏰ Time In Lounge 2-3 hours before flight
🥐 Free Snacks Included
☕ Free drinks Included

Great for families...

An airport lounge is also a brilliant idea if you're travelling with the family; let's be honest, hanging around an airport for hours isn't always the most fun, particularly for your kids. A trip to the airport lounge could be just the thing - free snacks and drinks are just the start with many of the lounges providing games consoles and TVs to keep your little ones entertained. With regular flight announcements you won't have to worry; the whole family can relax and the time before you fly will... well... fly!

Reasons to book an airport lounge

Airport lounges are a fantastic way to relax before your flight; much more comfortable than the benches in the main airport! Below you can see a few of the benefits that'll really give you that taste of luxury before you board your plane.

  • Free drinks and snacks
  • Free magazines and newspapers
  • Free WIiFi
  • Comfy chairs to unwind in
  • TVs or, in some cases, games consoles to entertain you and your family
  • A quiet place to escape the busy terminal

We do suggest you book up early as there are limited spaces at the lounges and these can fill up quickly.

Airport Lounge FAQs

Is it worth paying for airport lounge?
Waiting for your flight can be a long and uncomfortable experience, not really what you want for the start of your holiday, booking into an airport lounge can provide you with a much more relaxing place to spend your time. Even getting something to eat in departures can involve long queues, rushed meals and expensive snacks whereas with your lounge booking you can enjoy free snacks, or full meals in some lounges, free drinks and free WiFi - for this reason alone we think it is worth paying for an airport lounge.

How much do airport lounges usually cost?
On average airport lounges usually costs start from around £20-£25 per person when booked in advance, however this can change depending on a number of factors, for example, some lounges offer a wider range of facilities such as table service or gaming areas which will increase the price of entry. You can always see our full range of available airport lounges and their current, live pricing by entering a few details into our online search tool and clicking 'Get my quote'.

Can anyone use an airport lounge?
Absolutely! None of our airport lounges require that you are travelling with a particular airline, in a type of seat on the plane or that you have used a specific card to book your flight or the lounge. Some airport lounges may have restrictions on the age of guests, not allowing very young children but that will be made clear before you book.

Are food and drinks free in airport lounges?
Yes, food and drinks are free in airport lounges, you'll often find this is a buffet style selection of snacks alongside free teas, coffees, juices, soft drinks and normally beers, wines and spirits. In some lounges you may even get free sit down meals and they may have a more specialised selections of drinks (these premium drinks may incur an additional charge).

How long can you stay in airport lounge?
Most airport lounges let you stay for 2-3 hours before your flight, but some do offer the option of extending this to 5-6 hours which could be very useful if you have a long stopover between flights. When you're looking into longer stays in an airport lounge please be aware of opening hours as the lounge may not be able to accommodate you.

Is there a dress code for airport lounges?
Airport lounges usually follow a smart/casual policy for their guests, no need to break out the Sunday best! There are a few things listed below which are generally a no-no for all lounges, the key thing to remember is that there will be other guests trying to relax in the lounge so be considerate of others in your choices.
  • Fancy dress/Onesies
  • Sports clothing such as tracksuits
  • Clothing with offensive slogans or imagery
Staff in airport lounges do have the right to refuse entry and service so please be courteous and considerate.

Can you wear jeans to a lounge?
You can indeed, almost all airport lounges operate a smart/casual policy making jeans a perfectly acceptable clothing choice.