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Airline Camping Equipment Restrictions

Planning a budget-friendly family adventure or a wild camping trip? Maybe you're off to enjoy a festival abroad? If so, you're probably wondering what camping gear you can bring on your flight. Don't fret! We've got all the info you need to navigate airline restrictions with ease.

Transporting essentials like gas burners, wood axes, or even mallets can seem daunting. But fear not, we've done the homework for you to ensure you can jet off with all your camping necessities.

Camping equipment

Here's your go-to guide for flying with camping equipment. We've scoured the airline rules to bring you these handy tips for your next international outdoor adventure. Follow this guide to avoid any hiccups with baggage restrictions.

All airlines have similar restrictions when it comes to camping gear:


Your tent should fit the usual weight and size limits of regular luggage. If it does, it can be checked into the hold instead of a bag. Want to bring it along with your luggage? No problem, but you'll need to pay for an additional bag. For more on this, check out our page on hidden airline charges.


Yes, you can bring axes, knives, and tent pegs, but remember, they must be in your checked baggage. Never pack them in your hand luggage as they're seen as a potential threat.


Carry a box of safety matches or a refillable lighter with you, but not in your luggage. Fire steels, like magnesium block fire starters, and firelighters are a no-go in both hold and hand luggage.


Heads up, any flammable fuel is a big no for flights. This includes liquid fuel and gas canisters. Make sure your stove is squeaky clean from any fuel residue - air it out overnight before your trip. If buying fuel at your destination isn't for you, consider a wood-burning stove.


Neatly tuck away all external straps and avoid attaching anything to the outside. Checked baggage usually goes to the bag drop desk rather than the conveyor belt, so allow a bit more time at the airport.

Airline Camping Equipment Restrictions

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