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London City Airport Terminal Parking

Great value and convenient on-site terminal parking

If you're looking for short-term parking that's fully secured and only a short stroll from check-in, then the terminal parking at London City Airport is just the ticket!

This is one of the most convenient London City Airport Parking short-stay options and ideal if you're heading off on a business trip or short break. When you return, you just need to collect your luggage from baggage reclaim and wander back to the car park. It really is a stress-free option.

You could make your trip even easier and combine your airport parking with an overnight stay at one of our London City Airport Hotels.

London City Airport Terminal Parking
Daily Terminal Parking from
£25.00 a day
3 days Terminal Parking from
£75.00 for 3 days

Short Stay Terminal Parking at London City Airport

Live prices shown are guide prices only and based two weeks ahead. If there are no prices then please search for availability.

Terminal Parking
No need for transfers, only 5 min walk from check-in.
From £75.00

How it works - arrival at the airport

When you arrive at the London City Airport parking car park entrance, there is automatic number plate recognition. The barrier will issue a ticket with your vehicle registration number, as well as a 7 digit reference number, showing that parking has been pre-booked. If, for any reason, the ticket does not show this or you have any problems entering the car park, you can press the button to speak to a member of staff. You'll need to keep your ticket safe, as you will need this when you return in order to exit the car park.

Once inside, park in an available space and keep your keys with you. The terminal is then just a short walk away.

How it works - returning to the airport

When you return, you simply need to walk back to the car park and collect your car. Use the ticket you were issued at the barrier when you arrived to exit. In the unlikely event that your ticket didn't print properly on arrival, then you may need to have it validated at the car park's reception in the terminal before you leave, but staff will be on hand to help you with this if it happens.

Tip - Please do not use your credit or debit card to open the barrier, as you will be charged again.

Security features:

The car park is fully secured featuring high perimeter fencing, CCTV cameras and regular security patrols. It is linked to the terminal via a covered walkway and there are also luggage trolleys available to make carrying your baggage that bit easier.

The small print

Please also ensure your car is in legal roadworthy condition with full insurance, road tax and MOT, otherwise you may be liable for any extra costs incurred by the car park.

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