Purple Parking Meet & Greet Heathrow

VIP Treatment without the VIP price tag with Purple Parking Meet & Greet

Avoid all the hassle of hunting for a parking space and finding your transfer at a busy airport by letting Purple Parking do it for you. The Purple Parking driver will worry about parking your car while you just head straight to departures and get on with your holiday.

If you want to make everything even easier for yourself before you fly then take a look at our Heathrow Hotels. Skip the long commute to the airport on the day of flight by stopping over in one of our convenient hotels the night before. To continue the VIP experience when you get to Heathrow Airport you can book a Lounge Pass for a Heathrow Airport Lounge; a quiet and space where you can put your feet up and enjoy free drinks and snacks while you wait for your flight.

Purple Parking Meet & Greet Heathrow
Daily Purple Parking Meet & Greet Heathrow from
£12.25 a day
Weekly Purple Parking Meet & Greet Heathrow from
£98.00 a week

Purple Parking Meet & Greet Heathrow

Live prices shown are guide prices only and based two weeks ahead.

Purple Parking Meet & Greet Heathrow is rated 8.2/10 by 1299 customers. Read the reviews.

No need for transfers, just walk into the terminal.
From £98.00

What to do when you arrive at Purple Parking Meet & Greet:

Drive straight to the Short Stay that serves the terminal you are flying from where you'll be met by a professional Purple Parking driver. Once you've got your luggage and handed over your keys to the driver they will give your car a quick check-over and then you can stroll straight over to departures and get on with your trip.

How to get to Heathrow Airport:

One of the best things about the Purple Parking Meet & Greet service is that you don't have to worry about catching a transfer bus, you're already at the terminal!

What to do when you return:

It couldn't be any simpler, when you return from your trip just head back to where you dropped your car off and a Purple Parking Meet & Greet driver will be waiting for you with your car.

Security features:

  • CCTV
  • Perimeter fencing
  • 24hr staff presence

Additional information:

  • If you are returning to a different terminal just inform the driver know on arrival and they can arrange to meet you there instead
  • The car park has a height restriction of 2.05m
  • Purple Parking Meet & Greet Heathrow cannot accept vehicles with 8 or more seats
  • Please leave a few minutes for your Purple Parking driver to check your car for damage when you arrive, if you don't this could affect any claim you make later

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