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Airport Lounges for the Family

Always thought airport lounges was reserved for those in business or first class? Well not anymore, anyone can have access to an airport lounge. Some do have restrictions to adults only but most will accommodate everyone.

When travelling as a family, have you ever wanted a few quiet moments to yourself? Away from the hustle and bustle of the departure lounge and shops, not worrying about child/children getting caught in the crowd and mistakenly being swept along?

Then why not pay to go into an airport lounge? Most start from £17.99 for adults (age 12+), from £14.99 for children (age 2-11) and are generally free for infants (age 0-1). (Please check prices as different airport lounges in the UK can vary in price).

There are different types of lounges available, but all aim at producing a calm and secluded environment for you and your family for up to three hours before your flight. Most have nice seating areas with great views of watching planes taking off and landing, as well as complimentary food, drinks, newspapers and wifi. Others include showers, spas, bed cubicles and big sofas for you to curl up in and get lost in a good book.

Family Lounges

The No1 Lounge at Gatwick North Terminal for example, is a family (informal) lounge and has children games and consoles for them to be occupied with, while you sit back and enjoy a cuppa. Knowing you and your children are in a safer, family dedicated zone, your eyes in the back of your head can start to relax, a little! 

You can even watch a film, take a shower and if you really want to relax, you can have a spa treatment. Treatments start from £10. 

Access to this lounge is cheaper when booked in advance costing £28 for an adult (age 12+), children £15 (age 2-11) and infants (age 0-1) go free. If you decide you want to go into the lounge on arrival at the airport, this will cost you an extra £7 per adult.

On a side note, Gatwick is the first family, friendly accredited airport which includes family assistance lanes and children zones.

At Manchester International Airport, the Aspire Lounge in Terminal 1 is great for families.

For £19.99 for Adults (age 12+), £14.99 for children (2-11) and no charge for infants (age 0-1), you can get food and drink, nice big seating areas with foot stools so your children can play around you, free wifi and television to watch to keep you entertained, all while being flooded with natural light. It is like being at home in a calming atmosphere. Possibly, the perfect way to set off your holiday, away from the noisy crowds.

If you think airport lounges are the way forward for you and your family to start your holiday, check out the different types there are for the airport you will be travelling too. You can then decide which one best suits your needs and budget. It will be clearly stated if the lounge you would like to enter, allows children and infants. 

Lounge Etiquette

 Please bare in mind, all lounges ask for smart, casual attire to be worn (no offensive slogan shirts, baseball caps etc) and for all passengers to behave accordingly. You are allowed to leave and re-enter the lounge as much as you like, which is especially handy if you want to browse the shops.

If you would like more advice on travelling with a family then take a look at our page Travelling with a Family for more information.

Airport Lounges for the Family

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