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Driving in Italy

Many of the same driving rules apply in Italy as in the UK, but there are some key differences to bear in mind to avoid any unnecessart mistakes when driving.

Rules of the road

  • Stick to the right: The Italians drive on the right side of the road, unlike the UK drivers who drive on the left, so be extra careful when pulling in and out of junctions to ensure you are in the correct place.
  • Give way to the right: Drivers need to give way to vehicles approaching from their right at cross roads and intersections.
  • Quiet that horn: Don't use the car horn unless it is completely necessary - it is only for emergency use, particularly in urban or built up areas.
  • On-the-Spot fines: Spanish police are free to fine motorists for any driving infractions. For visitors and tourists, these will have to paid immediately or the car could be confiscated.
  • Parking safely: Drivers must park on the right hand side of the road on all two-way streets. In the case of one-way roads, drivers are permitted to park on both sides, provided there is room for vehicles to pass safely.

Important equipment for your car

You are legally required to carry at least one of each of the following items in your vehicle when driving in Italy:

  • Reflective jacket - to wear should you need to stop on the hard shoulder
  • Warning triangle - to keep your car visible should you break down or have an accident

Pay your tolls

You will regularly be expected to pay tolls when driving on most major Italian motorways. The AA has some information on the estimated tolls cost you can expect for different roads in Italy, so you can plan and prepare for the extra costs before you set off.


In case of an emergency, you can contact your embassy for help:

British Embassy Rome - +39 06 4220 0001

British Consulate-General Milan - +39 06 4220 2431

British Council Rome - +39 06 478141


Date published 01/08/2014

Information correct as of August 2014.

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