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Global emergency numbers

Holidays and overseas trips provide an ideal opportunity for relaxation, exploration and fun, but even the most careful holidaymaker never knows when an emergency might hit. Hopefully you won't have any incidents on your next getaway but, if you do, it's worth being prepared with the right contact details should you have any problems. 

Many people have now grown accustomed to easily searching on Google for phone numbers or contact details using smart phones, but high data costs when overseas mean accessing the Internet can be pricey. Writing down important numbers could save you a lot of hassle while on your holiday. 

Whether you're reporting a theft, are injured or have simply lost your passport, here are some ideas for phone numbers to keep handy to ensure you can get the help you need straight away.

Global emergency numbers 

British Consular Assistance Support Service

If you've misplaced your passport or need to contact friends or family in an emergency, the British Consular Assistance Team will be able to help. Call them on 0207 008 1500 or 0044207 008 1500 from an overseas number. 

Emergency services

Few Brits seem to be aware that emergency services in any EU member state can be reached by calling 112. This will automatically ring you through to the switchboard before you're put through to the appropriate service. 112 calls are free everywhere and can be made from either a fixed or mobile phone. 21 member states can provide assistance in English if you can't speak the language of the country you're calling from. 

Visit the European Union website for a full list of EU member states. 

As a handy reference, we've gathered the emergency phone numbers for the 20 most popular holiday destinations - just make sure that you and all of your travelling group are aware of these numbers before you travel and you'll be well-prepared should an emergency arise: 

Country Police Ambulance Fire service EU members
Austria 122 122 122 112
Canada 911 911 911 -
China 110 120 119 -
France 17 15 18 112
Germany 110 112 112 112
Greece 100 166 199  112
Italy 113 115 115  112
Malaysia 994 999 999 -
Mexico 911 911 911 -
Netherlands 112 112 112 112
Poland 999 999 999 112
Russia 112 112 112 -
Saudi Arabia 999 997 998 -
Singapore 999 995 995 -
Spain 112 112 112 112
Thailand 191 191 199 -
Turkey 100 101 102 112
Ukraine 102 103 101 112
United Kingdom 999 999 999 112
United States 911 911 911 -

If your holiday destination isn't included in this list, visit the emergency telephone number page on Wikipedia, which breaks all countries down by continent. 

Other useful numbers

If you've had a bag stolen or have misplaced your phone on your trip, there's a chance that you've also lost key numbers that you might need on your trip. Note these down before leaving, or even email them to yourself so you can look them up in an Internet cafe or in your hotel. 

Key phone numbers you should note down include:

  • Your travel insurance company - if you need to make a claim or enquiry, this will be a useful number to have. 
  • Next of kin, family or friends back home - anyone who might be able to help you with any necessary arrangements back home should you need assistance. 
  • Your bank - you may need to cancel your cards or make arrangements for your finances. Perhaps consider making a note of your card numbers too, although keep these somewhere secure. 
  • Your holiday provider, hotel or agent.

*Information correct at time of writing and is subject to change.

Global emergency numbers

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