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Best airport hotels for family-friendly travel

When heading away on holiday, it's always best to travel at times that accommodate you and your family. Sometimes it's best to travel early in the morning so it doesn't disrupt your children's body clock, but what do you do if your flight is really early at an airport too far to drive to or get a taxi to? You get yourself a hotel room!

Hotels near airports allow ease when you're travelling at especially early times, and are now becoming more family friendly. Save yourself the trouble of rushing on the day to get to the airport and get there a night early.

Here is a selection of airport hotels that could be a great choice for you and for your family, depending on which airport you depart from.

Crowne Plaza Hotel at Manchester Airport

This hotel is situated in the grounds of Manchester Airport, and is a 4* haven for you and your family before you jet off on your holiday. Worried about how you're going to get across to the airport in time? There's a free shuttle service from the hotel to the airport that takes two minutes from A to B, or if you fancy walking, it's only a short walk.

Each room boasts a 32'', high-definition LG flat screen TV, which means you can keep the kids entertained while you relax with the Sleep Advantage system. There's also an Irish bar situated within the hotel with lots of pool tables, so if you've got older children, it's a great place to play some games and enjoy a nice soft drink.

Family rooms for three people are available, and if you require a family room for four, it's available on request. It may be more than you were expecting to spend on a room, at around £126 per night, but think about what you're paying for: a relaxing night sleep in a luxury 4* hotel and food to suit every taste and requirement.

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Holiday Inn at Birmingham Airport

Holiday Inns are a cheap and reliable option for any family trip, but they're especially good when you're travelling on holiday. The hotel is situated 2 miles from Birmingham Airport, with a free shuttle service that takes 15 minutes to get to. There is also a free shuttle service from Birmingham International to the hotel at certain times of the day.

If you're looking to stay for a little longer, or arrive in the middle of the day and don't know what to do with the kids, this Holiday Inn has a swimming pool that can keep your little ones entertained for hours. It's also conveniently near the NEC, which is filled with restaurants and fun activities for you and your family to enjoy.

Family rooms for three or four people are available, and with it being situated away from Birmingham Airport, you won't have to struggle getting off to sleep with all the airplanes flying over.

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Hilton Garden Inn at Heathrow Airport

The Hilton Garden Inn at Heathrow Airport is another 4* hotel located within the airport complex, and close to all terminals. While there is not airport transfers, as the hotel is within the airport grounds, there is overnight parking provided for free by the hotel, which is ideal for those arriving the night before.

While you're staying and relaxing before that early morning flight, you can dine in the hotel restaurant, which features a great children's menu so you don't have to worry about your fussy eaters. Plus there is free wifi available, so you can entertain your kids with new games on the iPad, or not worry if they start to check their Facebook.

A family room of three to four people is around £93 per night, so you're getting the 4* experience for lower than the 4* price! And being so close to Heathrow Airport, you don't have to worry about your early morning connection - which means a better night's sleep!

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The Normandy at Glasgow Airport

The Normandy is a 3* hotel based just over one and a half miles away from Glasgow Airport. You don't have to worry about booking a taxi to the airport though, as they offer a 24-hour transfer service.

You can also take advantage of their partner hotel The Erskine Bridge while you're staying at The Normandy, with full access to the sister hotel's swimming pool, so you can start your holiday a little early. It'll keep your little ones amused while you take full advantage of the sauna, steam room and jacuzzi.

It's situated far enough away to avoid the overhead airplane noise, and with a free shuttle service, you'd expect to paying much more!

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*Prices correct at time of writing.