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Books for the Beach 2016

At last, it’s that time of year where we can relax on the beach and get stuck into a good book. So what are the books you need to read this summer? Here we’ve pulled out a few of the hottest holiday reads from a few different genres for you to enjoy. 


John Grisham - Rogue Lawyer

The main character in this novel, Sebastian Rudd, is said to be John Grisham’s most outrageous character yet. He is an unconventional lawyer who has little trust in big corporations. He represents the unsavoury characters that no other lawyer would dare go near, believing that everyone deserve a chance and hates injustice. Rudd works out of a bulletproof van with everything a man could possibly need inside, including an armed driver/bodyguard/golf caddy. 

It’s not until Sebastian represents a prime suspect in an abduction and murder case of a twenty-one year old woman, that everything he holds close to him is threatened - after the suspect lets him in on a dark and terrible secret.

Womens Fiction - (Chick Lit)

Milly Johnson - Here Come the Girls

Olive, Frankie, Roz and Ven have all been friends since school, and they all had big aspirations with their life ahead of them. Fast forward twenty-five years and sadly none of them had managed to fulfil all of the dreams they once had, including taking that cruise together they promised each other.

Roz cannot show any affection to her loving husband thanks to an ex tearing her trust apart, and has fallen out with Frankie and now will not speak to her. Olive cleans houses to support her extremely lazy husband and mother in law. But now, with thanks to Ven, they are all going on their dream sixteen day cruise, with hopes of reuniting the old group of friends. Along the way there is a range of emotions, from happiness, to anger, to tears, lots of laughter and a rekindling of a summer love. The cruise manages to change each of the character’s lives for the better.


Claire Mackintosh - I Let You Go

Jenna Gray is trying to escape her past after it was turned upside down within a split second, and all she knew was ruined.

Jenna runs away to a cottage in the middle of nowhere on the Welsh coastline, desperate to start again and get away from her memories of that horrific night. Although she starts to see a glimpse of happiness in her new life, her past is starting to catch up with her, with DI Ray Stevens seeking justice for a mother who is going through every parent’s worst nightmare. This case is taking over his professional and personal life, but that is the commitment he will put in to get to the bottom of the case.


David Attenborough - Life on Air

Everyone’s favourite natural history filmmaker has published his memoirs, which span over sixty years. Telling stories of the animals and people he has embraced, how he started his career, the pivotal developments he brought to the BBC and all of the expeditions he has been a huge part of, it makes for a fantastic insight into one of our favourite Englishman ‘s lives. Sit back, relax and get lost in David Attenborough’s magical world.

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