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Childcare abroad - what to look for

So you’ve all made it abroad as a family to relax and unwind, but with the children wanting your constant attention, how are you able to fully relax? That’s where children’s clubs can come in handy for you. You drop them off in the morning and you can have a few hours to yourself, not having to worry about where your children are and what they are up to - or, more importantly, what they shouldn’t be up to.

Kids clubs

There are normally children clubs at most hotels that can cater up to early teen years, with lots of activities for your little one to get involved with. Generally the clubs are split into age ranges, so the needs of your child are met relevant to their age. For example, teenagers probably won’t want to do what their eight year old sibling is doing; they’d rather be on the internet in their own space, listening to music and mixing with other teenagers. The kids clubs normally only run for a couple of hours per session and they’re a great way to keep your children entertained in the shade or inside, away from the midday sun.

You’re probably reading this thinking that it all sounds lovely, but deep down you might have that niggly feeling about leaving your child in someone else’s care - someone you don’t know. This is perfectly normally, so we thought we’d put together a guide on what to look for and to ask about when looking for the right childcare when abroad

Hotel offerings

Firstly, it depends on where you stay. If you’re in a hotel booked by a travel agent then they tend to have English childminders working in the children's clubs, who should all be first aid approved and will have the necessary qualifications and experience to work with children.

It may help for you to ask certain questions such as: How many children can the club take? How many children are there to one person? What sort of activities do they plan for the children? What happens in emergencies? 

When checking over the kids club, is the vibe of the creche welcoming and the staff warm and friendly? Look for obvious health and safety hazards, such as no loose wires, and make sure that toys and equipment are all in a satisfactory state, that the environment is clean and child friendly, decor is well kept and, most importantly, do the children look like they are having fun?

Fun for everyone 

Kids clubs are a great way for your child to learn and develop new skills, including life skills, such as mixing with new children and doing fun activities. Remember your child may get bored being around their parents all the time, particularly if you want to do grown up things like visit some cultural sites or museums. This is why children clubs are perfect, allowing children to be themselves and enjoy being around other children, making new friends and participating in arts and crafts, sports, treasure hunts and so much more all in a safe, supervised environment. Plus, you get to enjoy some grown up time to spend however you wish. 


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