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Finding holiday activities for the whole family

Finding activities that suit the whole family while you’re on holiday can be really hard, so we thought we’d put a few ideas together for you to bare in mind next time you’re away. 


It’s an obvious one, but the first port of call for most families is the beach!

It doesn’t have to be a case of just lying on the beach all day - it can be so much more fun. You can splash around and swim in the water, throw a frisbee, play catch with a ball or participate in a fun game of beach volleyball.

Why not make a list of things for you and the children to find on the beach in the form of a nature hunt, include looking for small fishes that like to swim in the shallows of the water. Or go rock pooling, who knows what creatures you may find there! You can then tick off as you go along what you have found, and see who found the most things.

Of course there is the age old tradition of building sandcastles, fortresses and trying to bury a family member within the sand, so that only their shoulders and head are visible. This can take hours to do, so it’s definitely one to keep the children entertained. 

You and the children could also look for seashells, and see how many different ones you can collect. These can then be made into necklaces, bracelets or even windchimes as a little memento from your holiday.

There may also be organised activities that run on the beach, with qualified instructors that could teach the kids how to surf or paddle board. You can then relax, knowing the children are in a safe environment, allowing you to soak up the rays or go swimming yourself without having to worry where your little ones are.

Boat trip

Why not take a boat trip around an island, or to see the wildlife out at sea? Looking at your holiday destination from the sea can be such a beautiful sight, and not one that may spring to mind straight away. It makes for an exciting trip for children, especially as it is something you may not get to do everyday.

Water parks

Local water parks and theme parks are always a hit with kids of all ages, even letting adults allow their inner child to creep out. There are lots of slides, from little wiggly ones to drops from a height that are perfect for thrill seekers, making sure you create a huge splash at the end. Find a pool with a wave machine to replicate being at the beach -  they’re always a hit with the crowds.

Walking and cycling

Other activities which can be cheaper include walking and cycling around the local area you are holidaying in. Whether there are mountains or volcanoes to climb to see a spectacular view, a forest to walk through spotting the different wildlife and flowers, or cycling around a national park, it’s a great way to enjoy an outdoor adventure. There are many different sights and sounds to take in and to learn from.

Wherever you holiday to, why not go and look around local historic landmarks and learn with your children about their history?

Cooler climates

If you’re holidaying in cooler climates, such as Scandinavia, then there are lots of activities you can do that are out of the ordinary.Of course you can see local sights and historic attractions, but why not take a tour to see the Northern Lights, go sledging with husky dogs, see reindeer, have snowball fights, build lots of snowmen and create snow angels? 

For more information on family travel, then please take a look at our extensive guide here.


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