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Top 6 Remote Holiday Destinations

Sometimes when the stress of day-to-day life gets too much for you, it’s nice to escape to somewhere remote and forget about your routine for a while. From desolate islands to frozen continents, we have a list of some of the most remote holiday destinations in the world. Though they often require complex methods of transport, it is worth it for the sense of adventure and isolation that these locations will bring - as well as the bragging rights of visiting a place on Earth that very few other people have.

1. Petit St.Vincent- Caribbean

South of the Grenadine Islands, this beautiful island operates as a luxury resort. Escape to the island by boat and enjoy the sights of huge rolling hills before taking a walk along the deserted white sandy beaches. Bought in the 60’s with the sole intention of converting the island into an isolated hotel, the island offers no telephones, WiFi or television. If visitors want room service they have to announce this by raising a flag outside of their cabin. No - we aren’t kidding. There are only 22 one and two bedroom houses on the island, which means traversing the island and forgetting about civilization for a while will be a breeze. 

2. Faroe Islands- Denmark

For the opportunity to escape from large crowds of people a little closer to home, you need look no further than the Faroe Islands. Whilst perhaps not the most isolated place on our list on the surface, the islands have a combined population of around 48,500, the spread population means that the area remains rural. This means it is still very easy to lose everyone and roam the Island’s lakes, caves and cliffs. While on the Islands you can take a boat out and explore the coastline, see rare birds and even, if you are brave enough, rappel from Lonin on Sando’s western side.  

3. Antarctica

Take a cruise to the breathtaking icy mountains of Antarctica for a truly once in a lifetime experience. The entire continent has a total population of around 1000-4000 people, depending on the time of year. There are no cities, no restaurants - just you and some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes in the world. For those of you that want to mix adventure with isolation and also tick the elusive 7th box on the continents list, then this is the holiday for you.  

4. Grand Canyon- Arizona

Believe it or not, nestled in the infamously majestic depths of the Grand Canyon is a hotel. It is a 25 minute drive from the nearest town, so not only will you be able to take advantage of having a natural wonder on your doorstep but you will be able to enjoy it on your own. Not only does the hotel offer isolation and comfort, but it allows you to experience the canyon by climbing, horseback and hot air balloon. An explorer's dream. 

5. Sakhalin Island- Russia

Russia’s largest island is still largely uninhabited, and has only been open to tourists since 1990, which makes this destination one of the best remote areas available. The island offers the opportunity to get away from everyone and explore. Whether you want to mingle with the indigenous population or just roam the tranquil coasts and mountains of this secluded island, the choice is up to you. 

6. Easter Island- Chile

One of the most famous isolated islands in the world is Easter Island. Most notorious for its Moai statues, the island also offers a stunning landscape made up around a number of volcanos. Well known to many but visited by few, Easter Island offers you the perfect opportunity to surround yourself with the mysterious statues as you wander this remote island paradise. 

These are a few of our favourite remote holiday locations, but the real adventure is getting out there and finding your own. There are many pockets of unknown in the world, even today, so get out there and explore! Get away from the noise of cars, mobiles and television and enjoy being cut off from the world for a while. 



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