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Ultimate student breaks

After semesters of hard work and studying, it is only natural that students would want to let their hair down and go on holiday. Whether you are after the dream party break with friends on looking to go on an adventure on your own, there are plenty of options available to you. Below we have outlined some of the ultimate student break destinations on offer when it comes to planning a trip for 2017. Time to shake off the cobwebs of weeks in the library and get out there and explore the world! 

1. Ibiza

When it comes to holiday destinations synonymous with students, Ibiza is king. Its popularity means that it is relatively cheap to travel to, and an extensive history with holidaying students has meant that Ibiza now has a culture built around them. 

Why party in England when you can do so in one of the numerous 24 hour and themed clubs in Ibiza? And when it comes to hangovers, there is nothing quite like a dip in the mediterranean sea to cure it.

Of course, Ibiza isn't just for those desperate to quench their insatiable appetite for partying; there is a wealth of culture, excursions, and leisurely activities readily available. Don’t just walk when you can go diving, hire a boat for the day or travel the island on a bicycle.

2. Amsterdam

One of the most popular student destinations around. This Dutch city is well known for its party atmosphere and liberal society, but beyond the coffee shops and red light district, Amsterdam is a beautiful city with plenty of allure for almost any traveller. The city is big but feels compact, and nowhere near as sprawling as some of the other modern metropolises. If you are thinking of travelling alone, Amsterdam is a fantastically charming and safe city which you can wander to your heart's content. 

Whether you are planning to go for a weekend or a full week, there is plenty to love in Amsterdam including the famous Anne Frank House (make sure you get there early to avoid the massive queues!), scenic canal tours, and one of the cities many prestigious art galleries. No matter if you are travelling for culture, delicious food or just for a chance to unwind, there are few destinations better than Amsterdam. 

3. Budapest

Though not quite as cheap as it used to be, Budapest still offers plenty of exciting activities, fantastic restaurants, and sights to see, whilst still keeping a little bit of money in your pocket. The Hungarian capital is the perfect place for a group of friends to explore. On almost every street in the city you can find delicious food (make sure you try the goulash) and places to drink the traditional Hungarian beer. 

The nightlife is another big draw to the city and you will find plenty of exciting venues to dance the night away. During the day you can treat yourself to one of the many thermal spas, soak in the rich local history or simply unwind and explore at your leisure. 

4. Thailand

The ultimate combination of budget-saving food and activities and amazing scenery. Thailand has become an increasingly popular destination with students looking to get away to somewhere new.  

Thailand is a veritable treasure trove of white sandy beaches, mountains, and crystal clear oceans. Adventurous groups and solo travellers can explore one of the islands many temples, visit the local elephants or even rent a kayak and explore the islands at your own pace.  

If you are looking for the furthest break you can come from months of studying, a week or two in Thailand will have you all but forgetting life back home for a while, but leave you coming back with memories that will last a lifetime.  

5. Greece

Due to current economic issues, holidaying in Greece is cheaper than it used to be. There are many of different islands that provide something different depending on what type of holiday you are looking for. Rhodes and Kefalonia are great for those looking for a more touristy break or for an exciting night life, whereas Koufonissia or Samos are examples of some of the quieter islands that can be found. 

Of course, there is also mainland Greece, which offers the same sandy beaches and delicious food but with plenty of opportunity to immerse yourself in the Greek culture. Athens is a great place to visit for history lovers, offering a chance to get up close with one of the greatest ancient civilisations ever. 

Whatever you are looking for on your holiday, Greece is such a large, encompassing country that you are sure to find it. 


These are just a few of our favourite student holiday destinations. Though student budgets can leave little room for flashy holidays, there are plenty of opportunities for cheaper breaks around the world. Whether you are travelling on your own or with friends, get out there and have fun, and make memories that you can keep forever.  








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